When Emma died a request went out to Emma’s many friends for photographs which captured the essence of her personality.  Within 10 hours over 2,000 pictures had been received.  This video, made by some of her friends, shares a selection of those and pays tribute to ‘that smile’!

On Friday 27th May 2011 a group of friends gathered to release lanterns in memory of Emma.  Over 200 people turned up.  The winds subsided, the rain stopped and dozens of lanterns floated across the Tyne Valley.

Emma’s Mum and Dad, Peggy & Robbie, released the first one followed by friends and family.

Here’s a video created to remember Emma one year on and to say thank you for all the wonderful things people have done to help create her legacy.

On Sunday 18th September The Emma Newton Fund was featured as part of the BBC’s coverage of the Great North Run.

Emma’s Mum and Dad, Peggy & Robbie, were featured along with Team Emma, who created a unique look to run the race.